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    Screen fabric

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    Screen fabric

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    BriefIntroduction:Heard that the projector and projection cloth is a piece of my heart oh, wh-ether meeting room or ... ...

    Heard that the projector and projection cloth is a piece of my heart oh, whether meeting room or the cinema, we can see them. So if PVC projection cloth dirty or discolored and, then, to the image must be presented the projector will be affected. So how to clean the projector screen? Here we introduce several kinds of methods:

    投影布,宇立新材料     投影布,杭州宇立新材料

    The eraser can go unless invasive small stain When there is a small piece of non invasive stain, compare good method, is to use the eraser to wipe gently. However, if the rubber quality is not good enough or is colored rubber, may be not completely erase and left a print beach, so pay special attention to choose pure white when using advanced rubber, this in the stationery shop, it is easy to buy.

    Use detergent to remove the stain liquid class or stain with larger area First of all, the PH value is neutral as far as possible to ensure that the cleaner. Because screen and coating at the grass-roots level, most is resin or rubber materials, etc., are vulnerable to corrosion. Second, do not use oily cleaner and cleaner with bright agent, can choose water, can be volatile foam detergent, no damage to the screen. In the end, it's important, when clean the projector curtain to choose what tools? Because the screen surface is uneven, so be sure to select the molecular particles as far as possible little erase tool, such as polymer sponge, such as the sponge particles is small, soften cleaner wet WuChen later, can be fully cleared WuChen in pits. Instead use rough sponge or towel, it will be very hard to clean the curtain sunken place small stain.

    Oily stains, use cotton dips in a small amount of oil solvent This kind of situation more difficult, if not handled properly, there will be a big risk. To use cotton dips in small amounts in addition to the oil solvent, erasing watered down quickly, with a more pure water or neutral detergent diluted and suck as soon as possible.

    Finally a bead projection cloth, but this kind of curtain is not clean, because a bead projection cloth surface with a layer of fine quartz coating, stain easily into the space between the particles, it is difficult to clean. In addition to the quartz crystal surface, itself is also easy to stick with besmirch, namely the secondary pollution. So using a bead curtain material screen, should be careful about and care for, best can timely away when not in use.

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