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    pvc ceil film

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    pvc ceil film

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    Brief Introduction: Yuli is specialized in pvc ceiling film... ...

    Yuli  pvc ceiling film is  mainly used in household, office buildings, office buildings and other large building decoration . We know that in many places, the outward appearance design is very critical, soft membrane smallpox just conforms to this characteristic, so less and less to the population at large.

    What are the advantages of soft pvc ceiling film?

    First, fire prevention function:pvc ceiling film has many national fire protection standards. Fire protection standards for the B1 level in China. Say simply, general building materials when under high temperature or after burning fire and heat will be spread to other locations, and soft membrane smallpox after burning, it will melt through oneself, and shrinks in a few seconds, until leave the fire, and then automatically stop, and will not release harmful gas or solution dripping hurt human body or property.

    Second, energy saving features: first, smooth the surface of smallpox is in accordance with the movie screen and manufacturing, such as scan can find countless embossed surface, and the purpose is to strengthen the light refraction degrees, so we encourage users to install wall lamp or shoot the lamp to strengthen effect, this method can reduce the amount of light source. Moreover, soft membrane smallpox essence is to use PVC material, can greatly improve the insulation function, can reduce indoor temperature erosion in great quantities, especially often need to open air conditioning. Principle with divers dressed in diving suits to delay loss seawater temperature is the same.



    Third, bacteria resistant: because of the soft membrane smallpox has mixed in advance before they go out a known as the antibiotic treatment of BIO - PRUF. After the special treatment of the material to resist and prevent microbial growth on the surface, so that can carry an extra security for general users, especially children bedroom and bathroom, etc.

    Fourth, waterproof function: generally traditional smallpox on the leakage accident, tend to lead to the user is very mess, and for failing to prevent leaking immediately, so that the indoor property destroyed; Even affect the lower housing and soft membrane smallpox soft membrane is made of PVC material, enclosed is used to design the installation structure, so that when meet with leaking water, sewage, can temporarily keep let owner to handle in time.

    Fifth, rich color, soft membrane smallpox have a good variety of colors, 8 types to choose from, such as dumb smooth, glossy, matte, metal surface, pore surface and the surface of the pervious to light, etc. All kinds of fabric has its own characteristics.



    Sixth, safety and environmental protection: soft membrane smallpox has prominent advantages in environmental protection respect, it is completely accord with Europe and the domestic various testing standards. All soft membrane made by environmental protection material, do not contain cadmium, harmful substances such as ethanol. Recycled in the manufacturing, transportation, installation, use, recycling process, will not have any impact to the environment, full compliance with environmental topics in today's society.

    Finally, the ideal acoustic effect: by the relevant professional departments related detection, proved that this material can effectively improve indoor sound effect. Several kinds of materials which can effective sound insulation. Is the ideal sound insulation decorative materials.


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