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    How to choose the pvc fabric

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    How to choose the pvc fabric

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    With the popularity of the projector, projector products projection cloth industry also developed. Believe that many people don't know the projection of cloth of the proper collocation, will greatly influence the effect of projection, so the projection is also an important factor, projection cloth when the choose and buy, we should follow what skills?

    Choose the cloth with projection techniques:

    1, according to the projection of cloth material selection:

    Our projection of cloth can be roughly divided into soft curtain and hard. When choosing way is being thrown is the soft curtain, commonly used soft curtain material consists of a bead and white plastic and grey screen. Choose the display mode is mainly used when is hard, as the name implies, hardness hardness is higher, the screen surface can long stay flat and not deformation, hard screen main material of metal and glass. Then the curtain what are the characteristics of different material?


    Metal screen: it is a hard act, its characteristic is smooth and not easy to damage, long service life and gain is big, the screen brightness is high, can achieve 3 to 5 and the gain is generally white walls of the gain is 1. But the metal screen defect is expensive white plastic and so on more than ten times more expensive than normal, low contrast. Mainly used in office environment and the large exhibition hall.

    A bead curtain: refers to the surface of the adhesive are ultrafine glass bead curtain. The glass bead is fine and uniform, the audience look high brightness stereo sense is strong, bright color quality. Features a high brightness, gain is usually 2 to 4, but the visual Angle is small, next to the audience watch the effect is not very good. Price moderate, is suitable for the space is lesser, require high brightness of the user to select.

    White plastic curtain: refers to the special material surface coated with white curtain. This kind of curtain audience look bright color quality. Characteristic is cheap, viewing Angle is large, the most widely applicable scope, promotional also main types of the curtain. But gain is 1, the screen brightness is not obvious.

    2, according to the type selection screen:

    You choose the type of should be the most suitable for your specific needs. For example: the former need projection screen can choose the type of hanging wall or ceiling assemble type, but also the specifications of the manual and electric; After need projection can choose tent of hard or soft curtain cloth. In general, if you need a fixed position projection area, then hang a wall, hang day fancy or tripods scaffolding screen is your best choice. If you need to move the screen to different directions, portable projection cloth is your best choice.


    3, according to the screen size to choose the best.

    To choose the best area of the screen size mainly depends on the use of space to plan for the audience how much seat arrangement and location. The first rule is to choose the suitable audience - and not weibo China projection screen cloth network is to choose the suitable for projector screen, which means the visual perception of the audience in the first place. We offer the following selection screen size formula for your reference: * screen height approximately equal to the distance from the screen to the audience the last row of seats of the 1/6, so can make each row of the audience can clearly see that the content of the projection screen. * screen the distance to the first row of seats should be greater than 2 times the height of the screen. * at the bottom of the screen should be in the ground at least about 122 from the audience


    4, according to the screen fabric options:

    You choose the screen fabric should be suitable for your projector and the needs of the audience. However, if a need to supply some of the projector screen, when using the screen fabric should choose to suit the need for the single projector screen to demand higher. For example, when you have projector at the same time (or high copy machine) and shadow weibo China network projection cloth like the projector, because the projector's light output than a slide projector low (or high copy machine), so choose the sort of reflectivity (gain) parameters for the fabrics of the projector. However, because most of the projector brightness is high, so the reflectivity (gain) is lower than the Glass bead, Glass Beaded curtain of White plastic (Matte enrolled White) screen can obtain better effect of projection (such as ?

    5, depending on the type of the projector choices:

    Home theater with the projector in technical types are divided into three machine (CRT), single machine (DLP, LCD, such as D/ILA, LCOS) two kinds big. Three machine good color reproduction, high contrast ratio is almost infinite (15000:1), so you have to choose the white curtain, such as ST130 UM150 etc; Single machine due to contrast, color reduction is relatively poor, screen manufacturers a targeted research and development and manufacture of the gray screen, mainly due to improve the contrast and color reproduction of the single machine, such as the FIREHAWK, GREYHAWK RS etc. Single machine, of course, also can choose white screen projection cloth, but never can choose three machine gray projection screen cloth.

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