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    waterproof PVC tarpaulin

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    waterproof PVC tarpaulin

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    Hot summers, to express in a corner of the outside the vehicle with a layer of PVC tarpaulin, this is for vehicles play a protective role.

    Waterproof PVC tarpaulin on the market to roughly: plastic coated tarpaulin, wax tarpaulins, organic materals, knife tarpaulin etc, now there are a lot of waterproof tarpaulins, sunscreen tarpaulins, corrosion resistant tarpaulins, protective tarpaulin, PVC plastic coated cloth, coated tarpaulin, three rain wear, can be used to waterproof, sunscreen, dustproof, prevent aging.

    Cover with insulation cover crops in the open air cargo harbor airport outdoor warehouse, dock, station canvas stacked content covered with tarpaulin. Barrack canvas, canvas of foreign trade of grain, cover, oil field drilling tower, canvas, tents, canvas, canvas products such as coal mine.

    A variety of shutter farms, pig farms to a chicken farm to pay a shutter, cattle shade, water proof.

    3. Railway highway transportation tarpaulins, dock canvas, cars, trains, tarpaulins, ships canvas, canvas cargo shipping tarpaulin etc. Combined with modern processing is to use choose between picture and the electronic new technology of high frequency welding, than the traditional needle has high peel strength, cohesion is not flooded, the merits of good waterproof function. Under normal circumstances use fixed number of year is 5 ~ 10 years.

    4. Power construction site construction site and other sites makeshift sheds a waterproof tarpaulins, temporary warehouse materials; Packaging machinery packaging machinery packaging waterproof canvas.

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